WP Metrics Master Plugin
Simple Setup
Collect the data you need from your members and present it beautifully with stunning reports from Vital Stats.
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Install and setup on your Wordpress Membership Site in less that 10 minutes.

The simplest way to keep track progress towards the goals of your members
Features include:
- Simple short-code installation on any Wordpress page
- Create metrics with validation for price, number, percentage and progress inputs
- Fully customisable tables to enter your data into your defined metrics
- User can edit and save their data and review their data
- Track Actuals and Goals for specific weeks or months
- Customisable Metrics names for specific metrics
- Custom User Fields
- Data import and export function to CSV
- Integration via JSON feed to your own BI Dashboard tool
- Simple integration with Vital Stats
- Unlimited users
- Data save to the user and can be used across multiple Widgets
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